Photography is an art that captures timeless moments that are lost in time and expresses the personality of the photographer. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, I beg to emphasize that great pictures are worth more.

On each and every occasion I always look for a good excuse to carry out a photo shoot for the jewelry. The experience gives me a clear and vivid picture of what our jewelry is all about in a different perspective. It is a grand opportunity to appreciate how another artist can represent our handmade jewelry in an impeccable nature and give the photos the same passion we make the jewelry with.

This year I chose to work with the distinguished Eugene Muniah of “Picture Milieu” and Sophie of “I am Kenyan”. Eugene Muniah is an energetic and zealous photographer accompanied by Sophie who is a great activist, fashion stylist and model. The whole concept behind the photo shoot was to create lifestyle photography of Jewelry. The idea was to capture images of the jewelry as one carry’s out their everyday activity like enjoying a meal, working on the laptop or just hanging out.

The choice of venue was the amazing Talisman Restaurant in Karen that is popular for its breathtaking ambience, outstanding service and sumptuous meals. It is a garden restaurant that has been creatively furnished with sophisticated and elegant furniture. The play of warm colors gives the place a cozy feel.

Share with us the great moments!

The vivacious Sophie taking on a her pose and poise..

Our Photographer Eugene going about his work in a meticulous nature.

Eugene and his camera

We had the beautiful Sabina Pucher who volunteered to model our chic African jewelry; these colorful pieces of accessories blended in well with her flawless skin.

At work with Sabina ensuring the burgundy brown chunky Masai Beaded necklace by Lukagwa Jewelers is seating right….

028Looking for creative ways to depict the artistic jewelry…

A little fun with the kids to conclude the shoot…

Talisman RestaurantThe photoshoot was successful,you can view some of our great pieces of jewelry on

The photographer’s collection can be viewed from his facebook page Picture Milieu.Sophie Umazi is the face behind a patriotic Kenyan project that seeks to unite kenyans and spread peace at this critical time of elections-

It was an invaluable experience working with this team;their ideals,ideas and vision to use their work to make a positive impact on society is remarkable.


Most women I encounter don’t wear any jewelry when they are coming to work, and on asking them why, most usually reply I don’t know how or I don’t have the right type of jewelry to wear to the office.

While not all offices are the same and over the years most organizations are becoming more accommodating to personal expression of its employees; there still lies a dilemma of how much, if at all a lady should accessorize in the office.

So what is the right type of Jewelry to wear to the office?


When it comes to necklaces, most ladies find this the easiest form of accessories to wear to work. This is usually because necklaces can be the easiest accessory to pair with an outfit.

When choosing a necklace to wear to the offices go for slightly small pieces like a chain, simple beaded necklace or pearl necklaces.

Ensure that your choice of necklace matches with the outfit you are putting on and the piece does not ‘shout’ too loud.

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Bracelets can also be worn to the office as long as they are not chunky. The bracelets should also play a bit of camouflage with your outfit so that it is not too obvious.

The best choices for bracelets when going to the office are pearls, silver or gold and handmade beaded bracelets which match the outfit. It can also be the timeless little chain bracelets.

Not for you if: If you spend a lot of time typing away on the computer. Except if it is the little chain bracelets, most bracelets will press on your hands as you type away, causing you major discomfort.

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This perhaps causes the most conflict for office goers. Which earrings should I wear? Long, short, studs or loops?

Well the answer is that when it comes to earrings you can make almost anything work! Just depends on your hair length, shape of face and outfit. You can practically wear anything, well, maybe not everything. Avoid earrings which go below your shoulders, earrings which outdo your hairstyle, and earrings which do not blend in with your outfit.

Best options for most ladies however tend to be studs to medium length earrings which are not too bulky and which are not too visible. Some women would prefer to have elegant yet simple drop earrings of average height. Some also go for loop earrings but mostly those with short hair, and these loop earrings are usually medium sized not the large ones.

Not for you if: If you spend too much time on the phone, then its best to stick to studs or nothing at all, this is because pining the phone over your ear for a long time might cause your some discomfort or sourness.

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Other jewelry pieces that you can go to the office with include brooches and rings. Brooches are especially timeless and as long as you get the right type of brooch it’s a glamorous add on to your office wear.

Rings should be worn with caution however, as they tend to give mixed signals depending on a person’s background, don’t over populate your fingers with rings, wear at most two and the rings shouldn’t be chunky either.