Dapper hair accessories for Locks

Lukagwa’s hair accessories are inspired by our urge to accessorize our own dreadlocks. We also took into account sister locks and women of color who like to keep their hair natural.

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Tribal print has been a trend which simply refuses to go away. People fell in love with the fun prints that make part of a perfect outfit for every occasion. The eye catching bold colors and exotic flare they exude with a wide array of texture available; tribal prints are a must for any wardrobe.

In Southern and Eastern part of Africa the Dutch wax print is popular due to its bold color.It is popularly used to make Kitenge outfits for occasions. We have the Aloha print that is the Hawaiian Fashion and Batik print that is trendy in South East Asia.

Tribal print clothing comes in all types; dresses, trousers, leggings, tops, jackets, sweaters, shoes, caps… everything. So how does one accessorize the tribal print clothing?

Way 1

Choose one color from the prints and use it in choosing your accessories, usually the neutral color.  You can use this color for your earrings,belts, necklaces, bracelets or shoes. Avoid too much contrast, however, you can also choose vivid colors for a daring look.


Way 2

When choosing earrings use dangling earrings for a more alluring look. You can also wear chunky earrings with the look.


Way 3

When choosing bangles and bracelets, the chunkier the better. You can also opt for wooden bangles or beaded bracelets.


Way 4

When choosing necklaces go for funky, bold necklaces. Remember the chunkier the better. You can also wear  beaded necklaces to spice your look.

DSC_0133 copy


Way 5

You can also accessorize a tribal print look with a hat, over-sized clutch bags, trendy sunglasses and funky chunky rings.



Remember with prints, less is more. So when accessorizing your look, do not overdo it, choose a maximum of 3 pieces to work with your look and don’t wear too much of one piece. One each is appropriate.

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The year 2012 for me was filled with a lot of inspiration and invaluable lessons to learn in business and life. One great thing I hold dear to my heart is that anything done with passion will always reflect on the results.

The 1st jewelry collection

In this year for the first time Lukagwa came up with its first jewelry collection called Shela.The pieces of jewelry captured the colors of the sea and marine life. The inspiration was the beautiful island called Shela and the experience I had being there. Moreover I had the elegant recycled glass beads brought in from Ghana that truly made a difference on the beaded necklaces. As an artist sometimes you have creativity overload and you just want to create without taking in the market trends. On coming up with these pieces of African jewelry there are some designs that were very bold and a bit peculiar for this market. I believe sometimes you need to push your boundaries to explore how far you can push your creativity. I was compelled to go back and re-think designs I had done four years back and refine them. On top of that I had to come up with eye catching jewelry that people could talk about. This is no small challenge it took days of research, thinking and exchanging ideas to come up with attractive tribal inspired jewelry. It was important to me to craft jewelry that is contemporary and appeals globally yet still expresses the legacy of Africa.

Local Craft fairs

Over the years the number of craft fairs has relatively increased and some have been overtaken by the times. In the past these events were an opportunity to make money and create awareness of your product. They are a great forum to interact with clients and get insight on what they like.AS for Lukagwa they have a created a good base to advertise our online jewelry store.

Our online jewelry store

Currently a lot of designers are thinking of going online for their businesses because everyone is talking about it and it’s the next big thing! I concur with these sentiments. A friend of mine sold me this vision in 2010 September and she took time to take me through the steps of opening an online store on Etsy. I humbly accept that she was a step ahead and sadly I didn’t have that vision for my business. In 2012 I realized that is where I needed to be. It is a tough a journey and very involving.

Lukagwa had its own website but for a very longtime no one could buy from it because of a few issues which took very long to be sorted. The first thing Lukagwa had to invest in is beautiful and clear photos of the handmade jewelry. The pictures had to communicate to the client and convince one to buy the jewelry. The next step was to have a refreshing story about each piece of jewelry and why it is special. I had to communicate with a lot of zeal to sell Lukagwa.Initially I thought of getting someone to do it but it is always important to create a solid foundation first. Most importantly no one can write about your work with the same enthusiasm as you would.

There is a happy ending to this narration; I have learnt a lot and despite the challenges we managed to start up an online jewelry store www.etsy.com/shop/lukagwa. The response is great and am loving every moment.

This article would have an anti-climax if I don’t take time to appreciate the clients who made 2012 memorable. I hold them dear to my heart, thank you for your positive reception.

Luv Lucille


Most women I encounter don’t wear any jewelry when they are coming to work, and on asking them why, most usually reply I don’t know how or I don’t have the right type of jewelry to wear to the office.

While not all offices are the same and over the years most organizations are becoming more accommodating to personal expression of its employees; there still lies a dilemma of how much, if at all a lady should accessorize in the office.

So what is the right type of Jewelry to wear to the office?


When it comes to necklaces, most ladies find this the easiest form of accessories to wear to work. This is usually because necklaces can be the easiest accessory to pair with an outfit.

When choosing a necklace to wear to the offices go for slightly small pieces like a chain, simple beaded necklace or pearl necklaces.

Ensure that your choice of necklace matches with the outfit you are putting on and the piece does not ‘shout’ too loud.

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Bracelets can also be worn to the office as long as they are not chunky. The bracelets should also play a bit of camouflage with your outfit so that it is not too obvious.

The best choices for bracelets when going to the office are pearls, silver or gold and handmade beaded bracelets which match the outfit. It can also be the timeless little chain bracelets.

Not for you if: If you spend a lot of time typing away on the computer. Except if it is the little chain bracelets, most bracelets will press on your hands as you type away, causing you major discomfort.

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This perhaps causes the most conflict for office goers. Which earrings should I wear? Long, short, studs or loops?

Well the answer is that when it comes to earrings you can make almost anything work! Just depends on your hair length, shape of face and outfit. You can practically wear anything, well, maybe not everything. Avoid earrings which go below your shoulders, earrings which outdo your hairstyle, and earrings which do not blend in with your outfit.

Best options for most ladies however tend to be studs to medium length earrings which are not too bulky and which are not too visible. Some women would prefer to have elegant yet simple drop earrings of average height. Some also go for loop earrings but mostly those with short hair, and these loop earrings are usually medium sized not the large ones.

Not for you if: If you spend too much time on the phone, then its best to stick to studs or nothing at all, this is because pining the phone over your ear for a long time might cause your some discomfort or sourness.

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Other jewelry pieces that you can go to the office with include brooches and rings. Brooches are especially timeless and as long as you get the right type of brooch it’s a glamorous add on to your office wear.

Rings should be worn with caution however, as they tend to give mixed signals depending on a person’s background, don’t over populate your fingers with rings, wear at most two and the rings shouldn’t be chunky either.