Photography is an art that captures timeless moments that are lost in time and expresses the personality of the photographer. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, I beg to emphasize that great pictures are worth more.

On each and every occasion I always look for a good excuse to carry out a photo shoot for the jewelry. The experience gives me a clear and vivid picture of what our jewelry is all about in a different perspective. It is a grand opportunity to appreciate how another artist can represent our handmade jewelry in an impeccable nature and give the photos the same passion we make the jewelry with.

This year I chose to work with the distinguished Eugene Muniah of “Picture Milieu” and Sophie of “I am Kenyan”. Eugene Muniah is an energetic and zealous photographer accompanied by Sophie who is a great activist, fashion stylist and model. The whole concept behind the photo shoot was to create lifestyle photography of Jewelry. The idea was to capture images of the jewelry as one carry’s out their everyday activity like enjoying a meal, working on the laptop or just hanging out.

The choice of venue was the amazing Talisman Restaurant in Karen that is popular for its breathtaking ambience, outstanding service and sumptuous meals. It is a garden restaurant that has been creatively furnished with sophisticated and elegant furniture. The play of warm colors gives the place a cozy feel.

Share with us the great moments!

The vivacious Sophie taking on a her pose and poise..

Our Photographer Eugene going about his work in a meticulous nature.

Eugene and his camera

We had the beautiful Sabina Pucher who volunteered to model our chic African jewelry; these colorful pieces of accessories blended in well with her flawless skin.

At work with Sabina ensuring the burgundy brown chunky Masai Beaded necklace by Lukagwa Jewelers is seating right….

028Looking for creative ways to depict the artistic jewelry…

A little fun with the kids to conclude the shoot…

Talisman RestaurantThe photoshoot was successful,you can view some of our great pieces of jewelry on

The photographer’s collection can be viewed from his facebook page Picture Milieu.Sophie Umazi is the face behind a patriotic Kenyan project that seeks to unite kenyans and spread peace at this critical time of elections-

It was an invaluable experience working with this team;their ideals,ideas and vision to use their work to make a positive impact on society is remarkable.


Tribal print has been a trend which simply refuses to go away. People fell in love with the fun prints that make part of a perfect outfit for every occasion. The eye catching bold colors and exotic flare they exude with a wide array of texture available; tribal prints are a must for any wardrobe.

In Southern and Eastern part of Africa the Dutch wax print is popular due to its bold color.It is popularly used to make Kitenge outfits for occasions. We have the Aloha print that is the Hawaiian Fashion and Batik print that is trendy in South East Asia.

Tribal print clothing comes in all types; dresses, trousers, leggings, tops, jackets, sweaters, shoes, caps… everything. So how does one accessorize the tribal print clothing?

Way 1

Choose one color from the prints and use it in choosing your accessories, usually the neutral color.  You can use this color for your earrings,belts, necklaces, bracelets or shoes. Avoid too much contrast, however, you can also choose vivid colors for a daring look.


Way 2

When choosing earrings use dangling earrings for a more alluring look. You can also wear chunky earrings with the look.


Way 3

When choosing bangles and bracelets, the chunkier the better. You can also opt for wooden bangles or beaded bracelets.


Way 4

When choosing necklaces go for funky, bold necklaces. Remember the chunkier the better. You can also wear  beaded necklaces to spice your look.

DSC_0133 copy


Way 5

You can also accessorize a tribal print look with a hat, over-sized clutch bags, trendy sunglasses and funky chunky rings.



Remember with prints, less is more. So when accessorizing your look, do not overdo it, choose a maximum of 3 pieces to work with your look and don’t wear too much of one piece. One each is appropriate.

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Launch Of Shela Collection

We are excited to announce the launch of the SHELA collection. The 2012 collection from Lukagwa African Art and Jewelers promises to be a most exciting and engaging affair.


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Tribal Chic Fashion

"The Olweny"

On the 7th of May the Tribe hotel which is located in Nairobi’s upscale suburb of Gigiri at the Village Market  paid homage to the fashion event dubbed as Tribal Chic Fashion.The hotel came alive featuring local and international fashion designers at the charity haute couture fashion show.On the dazzling runaway MooCow collection celebrated the Afrocentric trend with Nollywood glamour and statement pieces from Lukagwa to complete their outfits.

A week before the event i received a call from Wambui of MooCow who hurriedly informed me that they need pieces that will compliment their collection for this show.As fate would have had it,her timing coincided with the artificial fuel shortage that gravely affected transport in Nairobi.Unfortunately we were not able to meet until the actual date of the event.

As you seat and take in the different ideas that are displayed on the runaway little thought is given to how much work went into it.A couple of hours into the event we had successful agreed and disagreed on some of the jewelry that would be used.Some pieces were picked from other designers like Katchy collections,AdeleDejak amongst others.The afrocentric collection with a touch of Nollywood glamour demanded for toned down pieces due to its flamboyance.All in all we managed to blend the eclectic mix of styles.

I chose to stay backstage and dress up the models in the chosen outfits. Such an activity requires extra adrenaline and lots of coffee. The pressure levels are high and the stakes are even higher.One must be very fast in dressing and undressing the model in preparation for the next designer.The most intriguing bit is it all just takes afew minutes of glory and the whole show is done.

It was an invaluable experience brushing shoulders with  top notch designers like Adele Dejak,Penny Winters,Deepa and Milles Collins.

See you at the next show……

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