The Red Edition

Our favorite photo Last month was from our customer who rocked our red layered necklace and Brass ring alongside her African outfit.

We also featured #rededition collection of necklace and matching bracelets because who doesn’t love a little color coordinated elegance.

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How to adorn your outfits with African jewelry.

This week we showcased fall friendly looks with a professional suit dress paired with a layered African necklace for Monday. An orange beaded necklace stayed true to the spirit of October for Love Wednesdays, a perfect gift for your loved one and wrapped up the week with a choker beaded necklace that is perfect for a baby bump or a maternity gift for your friend. We also send our love to our customer Denise Gordon, thank you for your purchase.



Lukagwa pieces can be worn formally or informally.Our jewelry stands out because of its cultural aura and brightly colored beads.
Post a photo of you wearing one of pieces and tag us.You stand a chance to win a free accessory from Lukagwa.

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The residence of  the French ambassador came alive with amazing collections from Top notch Designers in Kenya.The Couture Fashion show sought to bring together seasoned designers and fashion lovers together in abid to raise funds for charity.Our host Celine Leroux was warm and pleasant to the guest.This event was graced with designers like Maro,Embody,Le Collane Di Betta,Kiko Romeo,Blackfly,Rift Valley Leather,KooRoo and Lukagwa African Art&Jewellers etc.Here is a sneak preview of some of the designs that blew us away…………

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