Casino Malindi Fashion Show 2015

This is a yearly Fashion event held at the Casino in Malindi by Daniela Cellini. It was our first fashion show since the inception of Lukagwa.I definitely made a few blunders like appearing for the fitting with no jewelry(I thought I was going to meet the models only).On the day of the fashion show my assigned photographer didn’t know my product so he took photos of the wrong collection. Despite such errors it turned out to be an amazing night of couture fashion. Here is a sneak preview………

IMG_7581fas     IMG_7576fas  IMG_7575fas

IMG_7573fas  IMG_7569fas   IMG_7568fas

IMG_7563fas   IMG_7561fas  IMG_7557fas


Moments before the show…….Enjoying the scenes and sights of Malindi with the Lukagwa Crew.

DSC_0081 DSC_0079fas DSC_0063fas DSC_0051mas

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