Jazz is music for the soul and medicine for the heart.In my teens i listened to jazz music each time i felt unsettled and needed to relax.When Lukagwa was started Afro-jazz was the background music i would play to enhance creativity.My favourite artist at the time was Hugh Masekela……Then i came across Isaiah Katumwa on his first visit to Kenya his song “Sunrise” was my daily anthem.On a random afternoon i googled African jazz and stumbled on Jimmy DluDlu his music is heaven on earth.Swahili Jazz Band from Mombasa has a refreshing twist to Jazz music.At the Launch Of Safaricom Jazz festival ,i had the honor of meeting and listening to Jonathan Butler!The perfection in his blend of rhythm took my breath away.Lukagwa and other artisans like Otenge accessories had the pleasure of exhibiting at the Safaricom Jazz Festival.I needed to share my experience……..

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The residence of  the French ambassador came alive with amazing collections from Top notch Designers in Kenya.The Couture Fashion show sought to bring together seasoned designers and fashion lovers together in abid to raise funds for charity.Our host Celine Leroux was warm and pleasant to the guest.This event was graced with designers like Maro,Embody,Le Collane Di Betta,Kiko Romeo,Blackfly,Rift Valley Leather,KooRoo and Lukagwa African Art&Jewellers etc.Here is a sneak preview of some of the designs that blew us away…………

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