Collar Vs Choker necklaces

These statement pieces of accessories definitely compliment your wardrobe.It is a trend that am taking in slowly and enjoying every moment of it.Collar necklaces are the type that sit comfortably at the base of  your throat,you can put them on with your plunging gown for a night out with the one.Whichever way you put on these necklaces do it with confidence.

Choker necklaces are statement jewelry that flatter your neck and make it look longer.Forget the adage that choker necklaces are for people with long necks only.We are coming to the end of the year you need to jazz up that outfit with an amazing choker necklace with your confidence in tow.

Check out our collection of choker and collar necklaces,what would you wear any of these necklaces with?


#African jewelry

#Choker #African jewelry

#Choker #African jewelry

This collar necklace is the piece to put on this fall.

Turquoise Collar Necklace

Collar necklace

Collar necklace

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