Well, here at Lukagwa we continue to give you the down-low of what to expect this spring season. We document all things vogue so that when you step out of the house, you not only do so in confidence, but also exude glamour.

Today we focus on our every day essential, clothes! Yes we just can’t do without clothes and so it’s good to be in the know of what we will be seeing more of this season.

Men’s wear inspired and tailored

This fashion emerged last year where we saw a lot of ladies wearing men’s inspired outfit. The fad started with the boyfriend jackets, followed by boyfriend jeans but soon enough we had ladies approaching their tailors to make them men inspired suits. So this is definitely a style to look out for this coming year. This is a favorite for office wear.

The best way to accessorize this is by wearing cuffs and medium length earrings. You can also add a colored necklace or bracelet as this will bring out the femininity of the look.Image

Belted floral dresses

This was also a big hit last year and it’s a trend that you will definitely see more of in the coming days. This dresses are usually bold in color and full of little flower patterns and they are accessorized with a belt, the belt usually one color  These dresses are worn in the office or during cocktail events and sometimes even wedding.

The best way to accessorize this look is by just wearing beaded earrings and a bracelet to complete the look. The dress already has too much going on and over accessorizing might make you look like you are trying too much.


Collarless blouses

A trend that is emerging this season is blouses that don’t have the usual collar. They can either be high neck or have a plunging neckline but they don’t have collars. This look can either be worn in the office or with jeans on a weekend.

You can accessorize the look by wearing long necklaces and stud earrings and a bracelet as the look is made to enhance your beautiful collar bones.


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