It’s a new year, which means new things to look out for, new things to experiment with and here at Lukagwa we are especially excited this year to present you with the hottest colours of the season, colours that suit all shades of skin and all occasions.

Neon is definitely in this season, a trend that has crossed over from last year. Neon are those striking, to an extent shouting colours that we loved mixing and matching that brought on the colour blocking trend. Neon colours include electric blue.


Pastels are also all the range this season, pastels give you a splash of colour while at the same time maintaining a natural, calm, earthy tone.

Classics colours such as black and white are of course timeless and they never run out of fashion. So you definitely can never go wrong with these colours.



Other specific colors that are in and you can work depending on occasion or a look you are going for include:

Stand-out colours





Subtle Pink

Striking/Make a statement

Steel Blue

Light Purple

Muted Grey




Sea green

Light sky blue

Golden yellow


Corporate look

Dark brown

Pink & Orange tones

Shimmering gold

Make them envy

Deep burgundy

Olive hues

Intense purple

Keeping it real


Lime green

So choose your colours and stay fresh, cool and elegant this season.

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