So you have a beautiful collection of jewelry. You love every piece in your collection, but one day as you go to put it on, alas! You notice that a piece has been ripped and all the beads are falling apart. You are anguished and frustrated and cursing out… Well, that’s what we call, “NOT CARING FOR YOUR JEWELRY.”

In this piece we show you some cool ways you can store your jewelry at home to avoid them getting spoilt or torn. The ideas are pretty simple and can be done by just about anyone. Enjoy.

1. The Frame

Get a cute old picture frame or window frame that you no longer use, take some wire (silver/copper) then string it from one end to another and create 3 to 4 rows, then choose a good position maybe in your bedroom or bathroom and hang it there, viola, you have a cute earrings hanger.

You can also add some nails on it and use to hang necklaces and bangles. This will nicely sort out your jewelry for you.

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