Do you have a problem knowing how to pair your necklace or how to wear necklaces well to make a statement? Necklaces like clothes need to be put on appropriately to make it flattering.  The things to consider are the length, size, pattern/print, of the necklace in comparison to your body shape, mood, occasion the type of clothes you will wear. There are two things to keep in mind when choosing a necklace:

1.     Body Shape

Look One: Short & Petite

Stay away from long necklaces as they will make you look shorter than you already are.

Go for collar necklaces.

Look Two: Curvy

Stay away from tiny necklaces as they will disappear on your frame.

Go for chunkier pieces but avoid going over the top with the chunkiness

Look Three: Round face & Short neck

Avoid shorter necklaces as your neck will get lost.

Layer necklaces or choose multiple- stranded  necklace.

Look Four: Oval face & Long neck

Avoid longer necklaces

Wear shorter strands or collar necklaces. If you choose a longer necklace you can wrap it around your neck several times

2.     Type of clothes

We have previously covered how to accessorize a maxi dress which gave you some tips. Here are further general tips.

Look One Wide open neckline or strapless top

Best pair with a choker, but can also go well with a long necklace if top is plain.

Look Two: Button down blouse or T-shirt

Longer necklaces are the best fit. From chains, gemstones to beads, all can be appropriately suited to the outfit.

Look Three: Turtleneck

Stay away from short necklaces. Wear longer pieces

Look Four:  Tunic tops

Go for multiple stranded  necklaces or a long necklace which you can wrap around several times. You can also knot the long necklace or chose one with a pendant for a stylish look.

The beauty of necklaces is that you can always experiment and come up with different ways of wearing your pieces in a way that makes you happy. Lukagwa will help you in this quest so make sure you pop in to our online shop today and look for some necklaces you can use to spruce up your outfit.