Tribal Chic Fashion

"The Olweny"

On the 7th of May the Tribe hotel which is located in Nairobi’s upscale suburb of Gigiri at the Village Market  paid homage to the fashion event dubbed as Tribal Chic Fashion.The hotel came alive featuring local and international fashion designers at the charity haute couture fashion show.On the dazzling runaway MooCow collection celebrated the Afrocentric trend with Nollywood glamour and statement pieces from Lukagwa to complete their outfits.

A week before the event i received a call from Wambui of MooCow who hurriedly informed me that they need pieces that will compliment their collection for this show.As fate would have had it,her timing coincided with the artificial fuel shortage that gravely affected transport in Nairobi.Unfortunately we were not able to meet until the actual date of the event.

As you seat and take in the different ideas that are displayed on the runaway little thought is given to how much work went into it.A couple of hours into the event we had successful agreed and disagreed on some of the jewelry that would be used.Some pieces were picked from other designers like Katchy collections,AdeleDejak amongst others.The afrocentric collection with a touch of Nollywood glamour demanded for toned down pieces due to its flamboyance.All in all we managed to blend the eclectic mix of styles.

I chose to stay backstage and dress up the models in the chosen outfits. Such an activity requires extra adrenaline and lots of coffee. The pressure levels are high and the stakes are even higher.One must be very fast in dressing and undressing the model in preparation for the next designer.The most intriguing bit is it all just takes afew minutes of glory and the whole show is done.

It was an invaluable experience brushing shoulders with  top notch designers like Adele Dejak,Penny Winters,Deepa and Milles Collins.

See you at the next show……